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2012 WIJFF - Feature Films  



Tuesday, May 21, 7:30 p.m.

Off-White Lies

Orchim Le-Rega

After years of living apart from her dad, Libby, an introverted yet sharp-witted teenager, is sent to live with him in Israel. Her arrival coincides with the outbreak of the second Lebanon war. Libby quickly discovers that her dad, Shaul, is an infantile eccentric, and that he is 'in-between apartments' (in other words, homeless). Shaul comes up with a creative plan to put a roof over their heads - they pose as refugees from the bombarded northern region of Israel, and are taken in by a well-off family in Jerusalem. Finally in a 'normal' household, Shaul and Libby begin to build their father-daughter relationship, but their false identities can't last forever, especially as Libby unleashes teenage fury at the lies permeating her life; those she must tell now, and those she's been fed since childhood. This provocative coming-of-age feature tells of a growing father-daughter relationship against the backdrop of one of Israel’s most distressing times as a nation.


Israel/France, 2011

English, Hebrew with English subtitles

Director: Maya Kenig

85 minutes

Print Source: Film Movement



Best Actor Award, Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2011


  • Best Israeli Feature, Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2011
  • Best Children’s Feature Film, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2012
  • New Visions Grand Jury Prize, Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2012
  • Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Sound,

            Awards of the Israeli Film Academy, 2011



Wednesday, May 22, 7:30 p.m.

Free Men

Les Hommes Libres

The gripping drama Free Men evokes some of the classic World War II espionage films such as Casablanca or The Third Man. Set in 1940s Paris, this film illustrates a little-known true story of Muslim freedom fighters in a French mosque that sheltered many Jews during the War. Younes, an Algerian immigrant who survives Nazi occupation by selling black market goods, is busted by the police. He agrees to spy on the grand Paris mosque and its shrewd Imam whom the Nazi’s suspect of providing Jews with false identity cards. This cat-and-mouse game intensifies when the Imam feigns cordialities with a Gestapo major. Free Men provides a powerful reminder of the struggle for liberation and how a group of Muslims helped Jews during the war.


France, 2011

Director: Ismael Ferroukhi

French with English subtitles

99 minutes

Print Source: Film Movement




Thursday, May 23, 7:30 p.m.


The riveting true story of a Jewish industrialist who saved hundreds of Dutch children from the death camps is recounted in this lavish award-winning WWII drama Süskind. Actor Jeroen Spitzenberger brings charisma and magnetism to the role of Walter Süskind, the German-born protagonist who flees to Amsterdam as the Nazis begin institutionalizing antisemitism, and as a member of the Dutch resistance movement, influences the fate of Jewish deportees. Joining the local Jewish Council charged with supervising the organized transport of fellow Jews, Süskind takes advantages of  his role to protect his family and maneuver some 600 children to safety. When a weak-minded SS commandant played by Karl Markovics (The Counterfeiters) realizes that his cat-and-mouse friendship with Süskind has been deceiving the Nazis ruthlessly extract revenge. Exploring the morally ambiguous, sometimes treacherous line between traitor and hero during times of war, the handsomely-mounted Süskind was among the highest-grossing films in recent Netherlands box office history. 



  • Golden Film Award for Best Actor, Producer, Director  Golden and Platin Film Festival, Netherlands, 2012
  • Best Supporting Actress, Netherlands Film Festival, 2012
  • Winner Audience Award, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, 2012


  • Best Actress, Best Production Design, Netherlands Film Festival, 2012

Netherlands, 2012

Director: Rudolf van der Berg

Dutch with English subtitles

118 minutes

Print Source: Seventh Art Releasing



Friday, May 24, 5:00 p.m.

Hitler’s Children

Their family names alone evoke horror: Himmler, Frank, Goering, Hoess. Hitler’s  Children is a poignant documentary about the descendants of the most powerful figures in the Nazi regime; men and women who were left a legacy that permanently associates them with one of the greatest crimes in history. Among them Niklas Frank, son of Hans Frank and godson of Hitler, who despises his father's past so much that he has spent his entire adult life researching and writing negatively about him, often touring around Germany to lecture against his father and the Nazi regime. And Bettina Goering, the great-niece of Hitler's second in command, Hermann Goering, who lives in voluntary exile in Santa Fe, New Mexico and together with her brother decided to get sterilized so as to not pass on the Goering name or blood. These and many others, discuss how they have coped with the fact that their last name alone immediately raises images of murder and genocide; and how they have reached a balance between the natural admiration and affection children feel towards their parents, and their innate revulsion of their crimes. Some have been more successful than others at achieving that balance, but each bares, for the first time, the scars that their legacy has left them.


Germany/Israel, 2011

Director: Chanoch Ze’evi

English, German, Hebrew with English subtitles

80 minutes

Print Source: Film Movement



  • Winner Audience Award, Boston Jewish Film Festival
  • Official Selection; Warsaw International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival , Doc Fest Film Festival





Saturday, May 25, 8:00 p.m.

The Ballad of the Weeping Spring

Balada Le'aviv Ha'bohe

Torn apart by tragedy, a legendary band reunites to play an emotional final concert in the captivating feature The Ballad of the Weeping Spring, a stylized homage to spaghetti westerns and samurai epics, shot entirely in Israel but set in a mythical time and place. With a pervasive pan-ethnic soundtrack serving as the film’s backbone, the story centers on the brooding Josef Tawila (Israeli Film Acadmey winner Uri Gavriel), once the leader of a Mizrahi band (a unique musical form combining Middle Eastern and North African influences), who lives a hermit-like existence in the wake of a terrible accident. In a series of quirky vignettes across stunning exotic locations, Tawila brings together his old musician buddies to grant the last wishes of a dying friend, while healing his own tortured soul.


Israel, 2012

Director: Benny Torati

Hebrew with English subtitles
105 minutes
Print Source: Israelifilms



  • Best Art Direction, Best Sound, Best Music, Best Costume Design,

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